For those who don’t know (not many!!), I spent the last couple of days in Rome. I’d always wanted to go to Rome, to see the sights, the ancient Roman ruins like the Coliseum or the Pantheon. I was blown away when I saw the said monuments, overawed by their size. St peter’s blew me away and i felt an almost religious reverence when i was there , near to the supposed tomb of St peter. all in all, apart from nearly being killed by motorbikes, it was a phenomenal trip. i wrote a poem as i was that inspired. Hope you enjoy!!  


 Hail Roma, I climb your 7 hills,   

 I walk your warren of narrow streets.  

 I bask in your sunshine,   

 Your sky a shawl of azure resting high above.  

 Ave Roma, once mother of the world,  

 I marvel at your many monuments,  

 Marble reminders of past glory,  

 Marble reminders of a brutal decline.  

Roma, home of saints, martyrs and pontiffs.  

The domes that crown you show you have a new Master,  

Now a bride, a Virgin mother,  

Rather than the 7 header monster.   

Arrivederci Roma, do not despair.Take comfort as despite your age,  

You still have the power to astound me,  To inspire me, inspire the world.    

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