Queen in Ireland- symbol of reconcilation?


Irish President Mary McAleese and the Queen

Today as many of you know, the Queen has landed in Dublin on a historic visit, the first British Monarch to Ireland since independence. After meeting the President McAleese of Ireland, she will be visiting a memorial to those who fought for irish independence and again shows how far things have come.  Despite the device found in Dublin this morning and the dissident bomb warning in London yesterday, I hope that this visit may be another step towards reconciliation and a maintaining of relations built on friendship and mutual respect.

From the plane, Her Highness descends,

She comes not to conquer,

A frail woman not an armour clad warrior.

Is the this the sign of a new beginning?

Will the pain of both sides be soothed,

Will the ghosts of the Famine, the Rising, the troubles be laid to rest,

An end to the falling of tears, to hatred, to hurt,

The Emerald isle for so long trapped under its spell,

Will we reconcile, will we finally love thy neighbour,

She comes to heal, to pay respect, to the ringing of the Peace Bell.

One thought on “Queen in Ireland- symbol of reconcilation?

  1. william wallace

    Through history nation can turn agin nation
    where nations divided. Ireland / having had
    both. Ireland may have been used as an base
    for attacking England/ later with history a
    attack on a union of England Scotland Wales.

    Thus the need of a military force in IRELAND
    IRELAND. It’s people objected /as any nation
    to a foreign force on its land. /However the
    United kingdom govt having no choice / if to
    secure its own lasting survival then IRELAND
    could not remain/a continious ongoing threat.

    Thus a no win situation cerated for all / in
    bringing hundreds of years a ongoing dispute
    that has brought / great trials tribulations
    on all all sides/death/ suffering /injustice.

    Over the past few decades the problem not of
    IRELAND used as a base for foreign powers to
    invade the United Kingdom/but rather that of
    the protection of one community /against the
    other. Once its being no threat that divided
    communities turn agin the other /there thens
    no reasons for UK fears in an UNITED IRELAND.

    IRELAND its ultimate’s for an united IRELAND
    free from foreign influence as foreign power.

    Such being understandable / the situation as
    present if continue/ will in time bring such
    However the healing process need to continue
    at the pace that be accepted by the majority.

    Feelings / Emotions /Go Deep / All Made Over
    hundreds of years// the healing process will
    take its time /many still having problems in
    controling their feelings/emotions /thus for
    an time the strong be an example to the weak
    thus each days another day as blessed in the
    healing process that brings/ spiritual union.

    That the Queen able make a visit to IRELAND
    is an good sign the healing process working.

    It being for all in playing their part that
    such healing process continue. /There being
    those (undersatanable) having moments where
    wish turn to a more aggressive action /part
    to make their point //however such attitude
    achieving nought / by far the majority take
    a path of peace // where such accepted seen
    the far more sensible means /in one IRELAND.

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