19 Oct

By now, everything that is going to have been said about the Dale Farm evictions will have been said. I was horrified by the violence used by both the protestors and also the brutality used by the police, images of women running in fear holding their children, burning caravans seared into my imagination. It unsettled me, alongside the almost cheerleading like comments on twitter- whether you agreed with them staying or not, no-one should rejoice in the brutal treatment of another. Also what happened to observing the legal requirement of providing space for Travellers, was that trampled on today?Was it truly a matter of law or was it more a case of ‘not in my backyard.’ As some have suggested, was the use of tazers justified?

Here is a poem in which I attempt to express how I feel about the whole sorry affair and my hope that one day understanding will replace prejudice.

Traveller (me and you)

You revile me,

Through prejudice’s cruel eyes you judge me,

You stare at me, like something you stepped in,

You spit at me.

Not welcome, your words, harder than the baton, wound me,

You force me out,

On the run you hunt me relentlessly.

Just because I’m not like you,

I don’t have a flash car, no bricks and mortar like you,

Yet I have a heart like you,

I feel love and pain like you.

Though worlds apart our cultures may be,

We’re both humans, you and me.



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