Occupy London- cleansing the temple?

24 Oct

Occupy London

St Paul’s, the symbol of a nation that survived the Biltz has been ‘forced’ to close due to the Occupy London protestors camped outside the building. The very same St Paul’s is said to be gaining legal advice to move said protestors as they are concerned about loss of revenue from lack of tourists PAYING to enter the church.

An interesting article on the Guardian – http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2011/oct/20/occupy-london-st-pauls-christianity proposes the notion that rather than clinging on to “the vestiges of power, such as opt-outs for faith schools and the presence of bishops in the House of Lords, ”  and “the preservation of old buildings and cultural traditions” , the Christians in St Paul’s should think about what Jesus would do and based on his teachings, he most likely would be campaigning for social justice alongside the Occupy London protestors. In my mind we have reached a cleansing of the temple moment, akin to Jesus’ stand against corruption and the exploitation of the poorest.

This temple needs cleansing,

This temple of the elite,

Those who during the day extort,

Tighten the yoke, come here to pray,

And you stand by, say nothing,

When the people cry you hear nothing.

We come in the steps of He who came before,

The one you claim to follow on your marble floor.

Hypocrite, how you try to serve two masters failing both,

With fine robes in fine buildings you try the tightrope,

Yet you will fall,

For justice we come to cleanse this temple, 

Merchant, High priest, Caesar, we shall cleanse you all!


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