Promise of Spring

What happened to the promise of Spring,

New era new life, a new beginning.

New leaves grow on the old tree,

New leaves young and free.

What happened to the promise of Spring,

Lamb lead to the slaughter,

Dream left unfulfilled,

Saviour to oppressor,

The nascent shoot of hope killed.

Withered on the vine,

Has the promise of spring perished in the winter cold,

Perished before its time?


Remembrance Day


I write this poem to remember my great grandad and the many others who have died serving the nation in conflict. Whether you agree with war, past or present and you will probably know my attitudes towards present conflict, I remember those who will never return to think this over. Those who gave their lives to give us the freedom to think. This day, 93 years ago, the guns fell silent after a brutal war, let’s hope one day they will fall silent forever. Lest we forget.

The guns fell silent today,

After years of slaughter, years of misery,

Years where bitter tears fell,

The guns fell silent today.

We remember,

How can we forget,

Families tore asunder, a wound never to heal.

Those who gave everything in the mud,

That to the present day give everything,

Are sent whether right or wrong they give everything.

With the poppy that rose from that wasteland,

We remember,

We remember those taken and we hope,

In our hearts we hope,

That one day that the guns will fall silent once again,

Fall silent as they did this day.