Love on the wasteland

We made our love on the wasteland,
Gravel, amidst the weeds,
No Garden of Eden, no promised land,
Yet who needs Eden when I’m holding your hand?
No bed of roses deeply red, but our passion will blossom in any old bed.
No romantic candles, yet streetlights flicker,
Knackered bulbs, yet still they smoulder,
As I touch your shoulder, as I kiss your lips,
A light fills me, brighter than any flame.
No Paris for sure,
Windows boarded up, broken,
Yet to you my heart is always open.
May have no job, may not have a dime,
We share pleasure so priceless when your body meets mine.
Ecstasy gets me so high when I take your hand,
No Eden in sight but amongst the streets that night,
Grasping at hope, we made love on the wasteland!


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