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National Library Day

4 Feb

Today has been National Library Day, a day given added significance in the light of library closures occuring due to the government’s relentless cuts. Dan Jarvis MP has tirelessly battled to save libraries in a time where they have faced a more uncertain future than they have for decades. As a writer myself, I fully appreciate their importance and I write this poem as a protest and call to save many people’s only access to books and reading.

The Library’s Closed Today

Library’s closed today,
Alice isn’t in wonderland behind bars,
Knowledge too high a price to pay,
The library’s shut today,
An order from on high says so,
No journeys to Narnia,
No flick of Harry’s wand,
No Pinocchio,
Yet in the Palace some noses still grow.
The library’s shut today,
The wardrobe shut forever,
Knowledge, culture a price too high to pay.