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Gay marriage- Gospel of Love

11 Mar

With the Catholic Church in England and Wales stepping up its campaign against proposals to legalise gay marriage, I ask them why instead of a gospel of love, they now preach a gospel of hate?

What happened to a gospel of love,
Love to your fellow man,
You say we cannot possibly love, but we can,
We can.
What happened to not judging,
To those without sin casting the first stone,
What gives you the right to judge,
What is or isn’t love?
Did David not love Jonathan more than the love of a woman,
Or this love would you deny,
For what gives you the right to judge,
From your pulpit upon high?
We do not seek to offend,
But no longer can we pretend,
What happened to a gospel of love to fellow man,
To love in union, I tell you that we can!



1 Mar

We all like to spin,
all the time we like to spin,
some like to spin a yarn,
some try to spin straw into gold,
all the while an illusion,
in the head,
no golden thread.
Some spin the fate’s thread,
yet I will spin my own instead.
Some spin a tapestry elaborate weave,
many colours too complex,
designed to deceive.
Yet I will spin a loincloth,
pure and simple,
honest to believe.
So will coloured cloth fade and fray,
Or will it last instead,
For some stories lie fragile,
Hanging by breakable thread.