Archive | May, 2012

Bought and Sold

29 May

It seems that anything can be bought and sold these days,
olympic torches traded on ebay,
access to ministers, to pull the strings,
Everything can be bought and sold.
Selling sordid stories,
fake and tarnished glories,
constantly craving the glint of gold,
Everything can be bought and sold.
selling your honour, selling yourself,
to be picked up from any shelf.
Ideals worth less than paper and gold,
it seems everything can be bought and sold.


Blue Sky

15 May

I see blue sky,
after the rain, for almost forever and a day,
nothing but the shroud of grey,
I see blue sky.
The cloud breaking,
Light piercing,
We dare to hope as we run into the light.
Enjoying it,
Embracing it,
For that brief fleeting moment,
After nothing but grey,
I see some blue in the sky today.



7 May


Is your manifesto your beliefs manifest,
will actions and deeds put them to the test,
or are your words empty like all the rest?
Is yours a vision of a bright new dawn,
Is hope your gift where hope is forlorn?
Do you seek to serve, do you seek to inspire,
Or is it for fame, power, desire?
Will you stand for those with no voice on the street,
Will you pull him up back onto his feet?
We’ve had enough of forked tongues, weasel words,
Words uttered without passion,
Fancy phrases seem to come and go like fashion.
Do you say what you mean,
Do you mean what you say,
Or are they just words,
Just words for one day?


3 May

On election day, we exercise a right some in the world still have to fight for. Let your voice be heard today!


Democracy is the oxygen,
The wind of change to sustain,
To lay blame if you wish.
To have your say,
Hope for a better day.
How liberating it is to have your own destiny in your own hands,
When those in foreign lands are kept oppressed by the iron fist.
People have had to struggle,
For the right we possess,
And yes, it may be imperfect,
but how liberating it is to make a choice, Use your voice,
To hope.
Your destiny is in your hands, grab it,
Dare to use your voice, make a choice.