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Know your place – gate-gate poem

24 Sep

With talk of the word ‘pleb’ and the phrase ‘know your place’ rearing it’s ugly head, here’s a message for those who say such things

Know Your Place

Know your place,
my place you say,
what should that be?
I’m not a slave to be commanded,
Nor a servant to be reprimanded,
what makes you better than me,
no money in the world makes you better than me,
no job in the world makes you better than me.
Do your lack of manners make you better than me?
know your place you say,
there isn’t a ‘place’ nor should there be!


Dreaming of a Revolution

23 Sep

Dream of a revolution

Dreaming of a revolution,
a new dawn,
but the day remains the same.
We’re talking, even signing about a revolution,
waving placards, banners, unarmed,
our only weapons our ideas, our words, our vision.
A real revolution,
Not a false start,
From our armchairs we would rise,
open our hearts, our eyes,
the Wall of injustice would finally fall,
the dream of a revolution,
A distant apparition,
alas a dream after all.


Justice for the 96

12 Sep

My poetic take on a day that has seen the truth about the terrible disaster of Hillsborough finally emerge after 23 years, a truth that vindicates the tireless campaigning of the families and all those who wanted justice for the 96.

Justice is truth in action,
truth after years of years of lies,
slander, deception,
Labels sticking like dirt,
years of hurt,
mocking, derision.
We hear the truth,
In silence,
In shock we read the truth.
Of those who died who could have survived,
The truth, not lies masquerading in disguise,
with tears in our eyes, we hear the truth,
for 23 years they waited in grief,
yet the truth finally emerges,
To set free the 96 to rest in peace.


This Summer (2012)

10 Sep

After the parade brought the Olympic summer to a close, a poetic look back at a summer of gold

This summer (2012)

This summer we basked in sunshine,

In the glory of gold, red white and blue,

Home we came, we competed, we conquered,

We showed what dedication can do,

That you can do anything you put your mind to.

This summer we waved our flag with pride,

All embracing, eight-fold arms stretched open wide.

We saw the best of human endeavor,

Medals glinting in perfect weather,

This summer, in the stadia, in front of the telly,

As a nation we came together.

Golden days come and go but the memories remain with you,

Like a flame that will keep burning,

In this golden summer, we basked in red white and blue,

We saw that dreams can and will come true.