Roar my lions

18 Oct

To those in any land who feel the inner courage to rise up, to stand against injustice, oppression, who use their voices in protest, this is for you.

Roar my lions roar,

Roar like thunder,

loud and clear,

roar without the chains of fear.

With forked tongues they decieved you,

with words, deeds, force of arms they whipped you,

they tried to TAME you,

But your heart is wild.

So roar my lions roar,

for they can beat us, slay us,

or in words condemn,

but we shall not silence ourselves for them.

so roar my lions roar,

make the corridors of power shake, make feet in boots quake,

for we are the larger number,

Roar my lions, awaken from your slumber!


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