Breadline Britain

26 Nov

This poem is inspired by Luciana Berger’s powerful video, Breadline Britain, which shows the reality of food banks in Britain today. If you haven’t seen it already, I recommend you do:

Let’s hope this video spurs action to tackle the poverty and inequality that still blights our society.

Breadline Britain

So this is Britain in 2012,
queueing for a job,
queueing for food at the food banks,
Swallowing pride is easy on an empty stomach.
Trying to skrimp and save but I have to choose to heat or eat.
Looked down on, yet this could happen to anyone.
This is no luxury,
this is a necessity.
They speak of deserving and undeserving poor,
but no-one deserves to be poor.
Great is in our nations name,
yet seeing people struggling at food banks fills me with shame.


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