When the man on the moon saw the first Earthrise in those alien skies,
Did he behold Paradise?
Or did he see the plague of poverty take hold without mercy,
the great rainforests felled,
devastation from grievous wars setting brother against brother?
Did he see weather getting out of control.
The pollution from burning gas, coal?
Did he see this living marble hanging precariously in barren space,
with wonder written on his face?
A precious gem in those alien skies,
when he beheld the first Earthrise.



Heir of the druids long gone,
Spawn of the sacred grove,
I am one with the earth,
With the water the flows,
With the wind that blows,
Counsellor to once and future kings,
Yet I have the power,
Magic a force flowing through my veins like blood,
Man as old as the world,
Or boy with youthful curls,
I am all at once.
I am Merlin, Emrys,
Spawn of the sacred groves,
Britannia’s ancient rose.

Shine a light (hannukah/Christmas)

Shine a light

Light another candle on the menorah,
switch on the lights stuck to the door,
for t’is the season on the long dark night,
so come, shine a light.

miraculous oils burning bright,
a star in the heavens in sight,
t’is the of the longest night,
so come, shine a light.

So give your gelt, presents from Santa’s sack, your love,
Be merry in our festival of light,
t’is the season of magic in these deep dark nights,
so come, shine a light!



Love is love (equal marriage version)

Love is love (marriage)

Why do you judge the feelings of the heart,

We cant control it when it beats for another,

When the blood rushes, the face blushes,

Love is still love.

Why should we hide the feelings of the heart,

Love comes in many guises,

The heart makes no distinctions, no barriers,

No divisions of those who can or cannot live in wedded bliss,

Whether male of female, it still flutters,

All I know is this,

Love is still love!

How we should ‘watch the watchers’

My poem on Leveson and how the status quo should change.


Watch the watchers

Who watches the watchers who watch?

They watch a bit too much with their all seeing eyes, 

nothing off limits,

nothing sacred in their eyes,

beyond the pale, all to boost sales.

Who should guard the guardians,

What is it they guard,

public interest,

self interest?

All the power to speak truth to power yet no responsibility,

A power not to be misused, abused,

So who should watch the watchers who watch,

It should be up to those who are watched.