Recession in humanity

8 Jan

With today being the day the governments plans to cap benefit rises is voted on, and the poisonous rhetoric of division, with words like ‘striver’ and ‘skiver’ being used, this is a poem to lament the seeming recession of humanity that is seemingly prevalent.

Recession in humanity

Sometimes I really do weep, lament,
there seems a recession in humanity,
compassion like the treasury seems spent.
Using words to scapegoat, demonise,
To divide,
Those who ‘strive’ those who ‘skive’,
Rancid rhetoric,
Rancid bill, rancid politics,
To pit one against another,
Sister against brother.
Words do matter,
Sometimes I do weep, lament,
For there seems a recession in humanity,
Compassion like the treasure seems all but spent.

“But this rancid Bill is not about fairness or affordability. It reeks of politics, the politics of dividing lines that the current Government spent so much time denouncing when they were in Opposition in the dog days of the Brown Administration. It says a lot that within two years it has fallen into the same trap.

We all know the style. Invent your own enemy. Spin your campaign to a newspaper editor short on facts – or high on prejudice. “Frame” the debate.

But the enemy within is unemployment not the unemployed. And I don’t want to live in a society where we pretend that we can enjoy the good life while our neighbours lose their life chances.”

David Miliband’s speech in the welfare debate-


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