What a fickle master Old Father is,
Tick tock goes the clock,
Hours can feel like an eternity,
Whilst minutes can slip by like sand.
With the sceptres of the big & little hands,
He rules, he commands.
Rich, poor,
Those without and with power are subject to his rule,
By second, minute, hour,
To his dance across the sky,
Across the clock
Tick tock.


State of the Nation UK

My fellow countrymen,
This nation’s in a state,
A hole that greed and selfishness helped to create,
Those in gold and silver wealthy,
But piss poor morally.
Those for so long above a law they disobeyed,
They played by their own rules.
One law for those in pinstripes,
Another for those in adidas stripes who face demonisation,
For failing to hunt down the elusive prey of a job.
Broken Britain was your creation,
You’re smashing, dashing the hopes of young and old alike.
Maybe the recovery starts not with stats plucked from the air,
Maybe it begins when we start once again to care.

Palace of the mind- National Libraries day

Palace of the mind (library)

A palace of the mind,
cathedral of the imagination,
a castle of words,
whose portcullis open in anticipation to welcome all.

Though she has nothing,
she can be a princess full of grace,
he can be an astronaut,
amongst the stars exploring space.

A portal for the imagination where anything is possible,
a citadel where you can learn,
yearn for a better life in the pages of a book.