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30 Apr

Beware ye of the demagogue
rabble rouser.
He may shout
play on fear,
tell you want you want to hear.
Look closer,
nothing there but hot air.

Beware ye of the demagogue,
From crisis they spring,
A sirens song they sing,
Quick to find a scapegoat,
They blind you with their lies.

Beware ye of the demagogue
rabble rouser.
He may be everywhere,
He may shout
play on fear,
tell you want you want to hear.
Look closer,
nothing there but hot air.


Spirit of 45 poem

20 Apr

Spirit of 45

Out of the ashes,
They climbed,
Shattered houses, shattered lives,
But a spirit survives.

A spirit to create,
To rebuild the battered state,
Where you are truly your brothers keeper,
A spirit of love for your fellow man not hate.

They showed it’s braver to create,
Much braver to care than to hate,
This was a spirit not afraid to be brave.
A spirit like this is what we crave,
Do you have the spirit to be brave?

Ode to the young

19 Apr

Ode to the young

I thought that children were the future,
I guess that was a song from the rosy past,
Troublemakers, lager louts, lazy we are often cast,
Can’t get a job because we ‘haven’t got experience’
Yet is working for free stacking shelves really experience?
Paid work denied,
Uni education that doesn’t break the bank denied,
A future denied,
Hope itself seems a gift denied.
For those without the eyes to see,
How hard life is for you and me,
Live a day a week, a year in our shoes,
The jilted generation, cast aside are we.

There is a such thing as society

11 Apr

There is a such thing as society

I believe there is a such thing as society,
Something greater than you and me,
Care for all at the point of need,
Put your credit card back,
there’s no entry fee.

It’s a dream made flesh by head and hand,
A dream of a new Jerusalem in this green and pleasant land,
A society that cares,
A safety net for those on hard times,
we help out, we share.

No matter how threadbare,
No matter how formidable those who wish to smash this vision may be,
I will fight,
Fight to believe.

She said there was no such thing as society,
Bringing discord to harmony.
I disagree,
There should and always be something greater than you and me.

The Daily Myth

3 Apr

The Daily Myth told you lies,
the Daily Myth told you to despise those less fortunate,
it made you sedate,
the Daily Myth taught you to hate.

The Daily Myth fed on your prejudice,
your anger, your fear,
passing off muddy water as crystal clear,
it told you what it wanted to hear.

It robbed you, all of us of our humanity,
this modern witch hunt this vile product of society,
all in the poison pages of Daily Myth,
read all about it.

April Fool

1 Apr

I wrote a bit of poetry before called April Fool in my anger at the welfare ‘reforms’.

April Fool

April the first,
That was the day,
They decided to make the poor pay,
this is no April fool, but the act of men cruel.
Yes we all have cuts,
To the safety net of the have nots,
While the millionaires toast to their taxes being cut,
The first cut indeed the deepest,
Not for them the foodbank queue, or the bedroom tax that’s due.
To those believe that joke so twisted, so cruel,
who still believe we’re all it it together,
You are truly an April fool.

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