Not in my name

Not in my name,
was the drummers beat stopped,
a crime committed,
Blood spilt,
Life taken.

Not in my name,
were lies told,
hate spread.
Revenge sought,
A feverish attempt to attack many not to blame.

Not in my name,
is the ignorance,
the hatred nor the violence.
If its not sympathy, not tolerance, unity nor love,
then it’s not in my name.


Politics is a place where idealism, ambition collide,
and have to find a place to reside.

Politics is a place where change can be a snails pace, or a revolution,
A new revelation,
or the same old wrapped in the cloak of the new.
Politics can be a place where the sun can rise on a new dawn,
or the darkness of hopes forlorn.

Politics can bring out the best and very worse of humanity,
High minded, base,
sleazy self serving and the rest,
Or in the peoples interest,
but at the core, politics is all too human.


When numbers are just numbers,
you can do whatever you like,
take away,
cut taxes for your friends while others you hike,

When figures are just figures,
on white paper and black ink,
you can do what you like,
Cross out, blot out, you don’t even have to think.

But when those numbers become real,
When those salami slices,
dices and cuts become real,
People will feel.

When leisure centres and libraries are shut, the numbers are real,
When the safety net beneath you is cut, the numbers are real.
When your very bedroom is taxed, the numbers are real.
When EMA is axed and opportunities are taken, the numbers are real.

A world (to live in)

A world

I want to live in a world that shares,
a world that cares,
A world where compassion isn’t a sign of weakness but a strength.

A world where a persons worth lies not in their wealth,
nor possession,
but a world of understanding, cooperation

A world where it doesn’t matter how much you have,
who you love,
or the colour of your skin,
Our tide raises all boats.

That’s the world I want to live in,
A world that share,
A world that cares.