This poem is inspired by the Ancient Athenian play of the same name, where wealth (Plutus) is found to be a blind man and the other characters in the play debate whether wealth would be shared more fairly if Plutus regained his sight. This is a theme I feel is as apt today as it was 2500 years ago.


To see Plutus is commonplace,
Blindly stumbling through the marketplace,
Dressed in rags in disguise,
Fooling no one with the drachmas on his eyes.

If only Plutus could see,
Would he share his wealth with you and me,
The gulf between have and have not he would see,
and put an end to this inequality?

The naysayers in the agora say no,
This wouldn’t be so,
For his bounty the would do anything,
Want everything, value nothing.

I guess we’ll let the Oracle decide,
Which one of us will be wrong or right,
Whether the poor will still starve another night,
Or Wrong be put right
when this fallen deity regains his sight.


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