Cross in the box


cross in the box

Cross in the box

With election fever raging, I have created another free ebook of political poetry, called ‘Cross in the box.’

One such poem in the collection is this call for young people to register to use their ‘voice’ at the ballot box in May.

Use your voice

Use your voice,

Don’t lose your voice,

Your voice was not a gift given

But a right fought for,

Suffered for,

Died for

Your right of choice denied to so many.

You claim

that they’re all the same

But they will only hear those who use their voice,

Who make their choice.

If you want to change the world,

You need not be a philosopher,

A rich man, nor politician,

Put a cross in the box,

Make your choice,

Use your voice,

Don’t lose your voice.

The future can change,

The land can slide,

With only the sound of your voice.





A new politics

A new politics

We need a grown up politics
Not a Punch and Judy
‘He said she said’,
Playground politics.

We need substance over style,
We see bluster,
Filibuster, while we dream,
We call for
A new
A real politics.

We need a change,
A revolution in thinking politics,
A ‘get things done’ politics.
A politics truly of the people
for the people,
‘Not just for ambitious people’ politics.
A new politics.