The Garden

Long ago there was a garden,

 where flowers, trees 

and plants grew row on row,

Watered by 4 rivers that gently flow.

It was left to two brothers,

It was a bequest, 

a promise, 

with a request to share.
The brothers went forth and multiplied, 

raised a nation of offspring with their wives, 

but conflict arose from their stubborn pride, 

for the garden they swore to share.   
Rather than commit fratricide,

 Sadiq took his family to a wilderness exile far from there,

beyond the garden that was promised, 

the bequest

 with the request to share.
From the fruits of the land, 

Yoni’s children thrived,

but were watched by many jealous eyes, 

Strangers invaded 

and forced his children from their land, 

whilst they watched their tents burn, 

they vowed one day to return,

to the garden, the bequest 

with a request to share.
The children of Sadiq came back home,

To a land left desolate and alone,

Trees were replanted,

Seeds were resown,

The garden, which had seen such strife,

Slowly began to return to life.
For centuries the children of Yoni continued to roam,

Showed nothing but hostility,

Spared no pity,

But they never forgot their garden home,

The bequest, with a request to share.
They were butchered, they suffered,

Such malice was shown,

So from across the sea 

they fled back home,

To the garden promised, 

The bequest, with the request to share.

But the children of Sadiq and Yoni quarrelled,

Anger boiled from words to deeds,

To conflict over their claim,

The promised land in blood 

made profane.
So this is our story, General,

We both wanted a piece of paradise,

But we have paid a bloody price,

How much blood and tears have been shed,

Since hatred reared its ugly head?

Put down your gun, take my olive branch,

Let us forgive,

Let us learn to live in peace,

In this garden that was promised to us both,

The bequest, with a request,

to share.

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