My name is Anthony, by day an inspirer of young minds mixed with superhero (to some) and battler of printers. I pick up my quill and also write poetry on a range of topics from Stuart monarchs to rainbows and everything in between.

I always say what i think, i’m not shy to air my views, as I believe that everyone should speak out against injustice and about what they believe in.

Thats it really, hope you enjoy the posts, and if you want to know more about me, follow @anthillel on twitter, or visit the facebook page for the blog, with more features-!/pages/The-Scribe-of-the-Red-Rose/149143605139315 .

I speak out

I speak out,

No one will silence this tongue,

My thoughts a raging flood,

Even a concrete dam can’t contain.

My voice is a gift,

A tool, like then pen,

A tool to be used, not squandered.

A sword drawn, sharp is its edge.

I speak out,

My tongue trembles, apprehensive.

Though not a mighty roar to disturb the air,

Even a whisper breaks the infinite silence!



One thought on “About me

  1. Dear Anthony, I came across your poem “Yearning for Paradise” because I am the translator of a Russian novel by the same name. I hope you will take a look at it and see how many of its ideas correspond to your own. Good luck to you.

    Professor Thomas Beyer
    Middlebury College

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