My work

I have self published books on My poetic debut ‘Ant-hology is a collection of contemporary poetry on a variety of themes from nature, stained glass, to social justice. It is a kaleidoscopic pick and mix, a journey through my thoughts, passions and imagination.

My second book, ‘The Iconoclast’ is a collection of poems and short stories based around the themes of images and iconoclasm. How images are created, challenged, subverted and destroyed over time.

Would you speak?

I wrote a poem for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust for their 2012 ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ campaign, called ‘Would you speak?’

Would you speak if they came for me?
I may differ in colour to you,
In costume,
I may not dress like you,
Sound like you,
But would you speak for me?
Would you have the courage of a lion,
Courage of your conviction?
I may believe in a different god, or no god, But our belief in justice binds us, you and me.
So if they came, pistols loaded to take me away, Would you speak out, speak out for me today?

for the full ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’ booklet, click here –

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