Why should I be sad on my wedding day?

The bells ring, the people of Auld Reekie say

Was it James who said to Westminster,

You the husband, she is the bride,

She the Mrs, you the mister.
Why not marry,

For long we have tarried.

For a century, we have courted,

One King,

A flag of red white and blue flown atop ships,

Scottish stories on English lips.
Paranoia drove necessary action,

Fear over succession or invasion,

Taking the throne from a brother 

to promise to a distant cousin.
Not a love match,

But a dynastic match,

Strategy over romance you see,

When Anne takes her daughter to the altar

To do her duty.

‘I will grow to love you,’ the groom does say,

‘I promise to honour love and obey’

Despite the promise of a new birth,

Why is she sad on her wedding day?



Poem: Union Jack

I’m writing a series of poems about the Stuarts and how their dynasty helped create for better or worse the Britain we have today. Here is a shape poem, called Union Jack.


State of the Nation UK

My fellow countrymen,
This nation’s in a state,
A hole that greed and selfishness helped to create,
Those in gold and silver wealthy,
But piss poor morally.
Those for so long above a law they disobeyed,
They played by their own rules.
One law for those in pinstripes,
Another for those in adidas stripes who face demonisation,
For failing to hunt down the elusive prey of a job.
Broken Britain was your creation,
You’re smashing, dashing the hopes of young and old alike.
Maybe the recovery starts not with stats plucked from the air,
Maybe it begins when we start once again to care.