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Shine a light (hannukah/Christmas)

14 Dec

Shine a light

Light another candle on the menorah,
switch on the lights stuck to the door,
for t’is the season on the long dark night,
so come, shine a light.

miraculous oils burning bright,
a star in the heavens in sight,
t’is the of the longest night,
so come, shine a light.

So give your gelt, presents from Santa’s sack, your love,
Be merry in our festival of light,
t’is the season of magic in these deep dark nights,
so come, shine a light!




Christmas came…

7 Dec

A seasonal poem for you, which I first posted as a comment on the Guardian’s website – http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/dec/07/poster-poems-december?mobile-redirect=false

Christmas came….

Christmas came,
Amongst the darkness the twinkle of lights,
Amidst the darkest of nights,
A new star burns bright.
Christmas came,
Music amongst silence,
Echoes of little donkeys,
kings of orient are,
bearing gifts traversing afar
Beyond the material facade, the tinsel veneer,
fellowship the greatest gift to appear,
New life at the death of the year.

Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

Here is a festively-themed poem, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Back to Bethlehem

Riding on the donkey following the star,
Not really caring just how far,
Some way, some how,
I’m going back to Bethlehem,
To be born again.
Avoiding the stress avoiding the strain,
for love the only present I need,
I’m going back to Bethlehem,
To be born again.
Though Caesar’s will remains on my mind,
There’s magic in the air tonight,
Let stars and christmas lights lead the way.
Escape for one night, one day,
I’m going back to Bethlehem,
To be born again.