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A season of lambs

31 Mar

Season of lambs

This is the season of lambs,
Those cute innocent lambs pure as water,
sent to slaughter,
A season of deliverance, from sin,
deliverance from bondage foreign lands within,
Blood smeared on lintels door posts,
blood from hands washed,
Yet in blood a rebirth,
new life.


Notes on a crucifixion- poem

7 Apr

An eastery themed poem…….

    Notes on a crucifixion

I wonder what hurt more,
Did the mocking hurt more,
more than the many lashes on the back,
thorns upon the head,
The blood shed?
Go on, speak your words,
Hammer in another nail,
Mock, laugh,
Hammer another nail,
For my ideas won’t die with me,
They won’t hurt, they won’t bleed.
So go ahead,
Hammer another nail,
Whip me some more,
Cruel words or the lash won’t stop the heart hidden at the core!