The Sphinx 

Pharaohs, conquerors come and go but the Sphinx remains….

The Sphinx 

I lie upon the arid sand,

A relic from an ancient land.

One face,

Many names


Horus on the horizon,

Father of terror.

My secrets are my own,

Such secrets unknown,


I’ve seen it all,

Mighty men,

Would be gods,



Keeping power by majesty, sword and gun.

Iron men easily corrode.

I lie upon the sands,

I gaze and smile,

Adored by those 

From beyond the banks of the Nile.

Hidden chamber

With the presence of new hidden chambers detected in Tutankhamun’s tomb, here is my poem influenced by Tutertiti fever! 

Hidden chamber 

What will be behind that door,

Sealed with painted plaster for 3000 years or more,

Papyrus rolls,


to dispel entrenched myths.

Necklaces of carnelian

Gold amulets and signet rings

A multitude of wonderful things?

Perhaps the body of a lost queen

A chamber pristine?

A tomb within a tomb,

A divine teen with his stepmother queen,

What will be behind that door?