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The walk out (EU poem)

23 Jan

On the day Cameron announces an in out referendum if he is re-elected PM, a poem on the future of relationship with the EU.

The Walk out (EU)

Are you going to walk out,
close the door behind you,
alone in the biting winds,
on the outside looking in?
One pane of glass to separate might as well be the English Channel,
23 miles yet a gulf so great.

Are you going to leave,
walk it alone,
leave this house warm with fellowship, reconciliation,
We have room for a continent and an island in here.

Yes we have our problems, but can you remember these 40 years together,
good times we had
good times we can still have.
It wasn’t all a one way street, remember that.
In sickness and in health,
In recession or wealth together.

How can we resolve our differences when you walk away?
So choose,
will you walk out of this door,
or can we work it out,
will you stay?