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Liberated Libya

22 Aug

Last night came the pictures of rebels celebrating in the streets of Tripoli after they finally advanced into the city. The morning brought news that Saif Gadaffi was captured and the rebels controlled most of the capital. Now that Gadaffi’s regime is crumbling before our eyes, I hope we have learned the lessons of Iraq and we have a plan post gadaffi for creating a stable nation that is fair and democratic after decades of dictatorial rule.

Celebration (liberation)

On the streets jubilation,
The hour of liberation now at hand. Libya has awoken,
The tyrants iron grip broken.
On the streets celebration,
The light of hope burning at last,
Hope for a bright future,
Yet have we learned lessons from the past?
Will we aid their resurrection rather than just watch in jubilation?
A new libya is rising, from the ashes a phoenix rising.
Bring your bricks and mortar for tomorrow we rebuild,
for now we join the celebration!