Isles of Wonder

A poem inspired by Danny Boyle’s Olympic Opening Ceremony

Isles of Wonder

These Isles of Wonder,
these precious stones set in a silver sea,
We looked into our story,
Through the mists of time, our history,
From bucolic idyll, to pandemonium,
Satanic Mills thrusting high,
Smoke billowing into the sky,
To those who marched for a better life,
The ghosts of the Pankhursts, Jarrow came alive.
We looked inside ourselves,
Our eccentricities, our humour,
Our diversity,
Mary Poppins, Voldemort from our stories,
Yet a dream snaked through like the veins in our hand,
A dream of a new Jerusalem through effort, endeavour, through sport,
A dream of a new Jerusalem for all, in our pleasant land.