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English votes for English Laws #evel

12 Jan

 When is a union,

not a union?

When is one nation,

 not one nation?

We’ll keep you in name only,

We don’t want your voice in the chamber,

‘England and Wales only.’ 


The walk out (EU poem)

23 Jan

On the day Cameron announces an in out referendum if he is re-elected PM, a poem on the future of relationship with the EU.

The Walk out (EU)

Are you going to walk out,
close the door behind you,
alone in the biting winds,
on the outside looking in?
One pane of glass to separate might as well be the English Channel,
23 miles yet a gulf so great.

Are you going to leave,
walk it alone,
leave this house warm with fellowship, reconciliation,
We have room for a continent and an island in here.

Yes we have our problems, but can you remember these 40 years together,
good times we had
good times we can still have.
It wasn’t all a one way street, remember that.
In sickness and in health,
In recession or wealth together.

How can we resolve our differences when you walk away?
So choose,
will you walk out of this door,
or can we work it out,
will you stay?


Lion and the Unicorn fight to reign

15 Oct
Upon the battlements atop the rock,
Auld Mons Meg fires the opening shot,
the papers are signed,
a thunderous call to arms sounded,
time to pick your sides.
old loyalties unchained,
the lion and the unicorn fight over the crown, over the power to reign,
or will we chase them out of the town again?
Your voice,Your choice,
You can turn ravenous lion away,
You have the power to end the marriage of thistle and rose, or in matrimony remain.

Disunited Kingdom

9 Jun

Benedict Anderson in his work ‘Imagined Communities‘ , defined a nation as defined a nation as “an imagined political community – and imagined as both inherently limited and sovereign.” he goes on to state that is is imagined as “is imagined because the members of even the smallest nation will never know most of their fellow-members, meet them, or even hear of them, yet in the minds of each lives the image of their communion”.

This week, Ed Miliband made a speech on Englishness, defending the Union by stating that having to choose between being British and English, or British and Scottish is a ‘false choice’. However, he rejected calls for an English devolved parliament, But instead of setting up an English Parliament, which would involve “more politicians”, he didn’t ‘detect the demand that there was in Scotland, for a Scottish Parliament, in England.’ thus this would seem to be a contradiction, as Anderson would define a nation as an ‘imagined political community.

I get wary when nationalism gets marshalled in politics and it would seem to ignore the fact that there are more divisions in Britain than national borders such as the haves and have nots. So can embracing a sense of Englishness really bind the whole nation together, or would it serve to deepen division? In the wake of the jubilee featuring flag waving multitudes and Ed Miliband’s speech on ‘Englishness’ , I wonder whether we are truly are ‘united kingdom’, or is it a facade?

Disunited Kingdom

This kingdom disunited,
an island divided,
the spectre of poverty and despair tearing bonds asunder.
A nation divided between the haves, the have nots
Old loyalties awaken,
Long suppressed or forgot,
Flags, symbols issue orders
People building up borders,
Higher than Hadrian’s Wall,
Behind banners, speeches,
behind the grand facade,
This kingdom is divided,
Not united after all.